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I am an expert recruiter. My recruitment experience is vast, with over 14 years under my belt. I have successfully placed over 400 exceptional candidates. I also have experience in recruiting for small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies nationwide.

At the beginning of my recruiting adventure, I worked for various professional recruiting firms. After gaining experience in the third-party recruitment world, I decided to round out my recruiting skills and work on the corporate side.

Yes, I have both corporate and independent recruiting experience!

Master Headhunter

I absolutely love being called a “headhunter” because I FIND the superior talent that I present to hiring managers. Some recruiters in the “recruit–mosphere” utilize the post and pray method, crossing their fingers that candidates apply to their job postings.

I seek out exceptional talent; this is why we are paid sizable fees. I do not call candidates once. Yes, you read it correctly, I said “call” as in “cold calling” candidates. I actually pick up the phone, dial a number and tenaciously reach out through numerous methods until I connect with the top performers in their field.

Renee Frey - Master Headhunter

I worked as a Corporate Recruiter for Target Corporation for 7 years. I single-handedly touched the entire enterprise of a Fortune 30 Company; what an experience! I knew being a headhunter, with corporate recruiting experience, would set me apart from my competition.

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My name is Renee Frey and I deliver results.

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