The Coach Approach + Old Vine Red

This week I am serving up an episode featuring Sarah Necklen, a Talent Consultant at Cargill.

Sarah has been with Cargill for 15 years! 15!!  I was excited to dive in and chat about what energizes her to stay with the same company, risks she has taken throughout her career and how she continues to drive her career forward with a company that employs over 160,000 employees worldwide.

I am especially excited for this episode because Sarah and I have an unmatched passion for our careers, for people and for coaching individuals to help them navigate their career journeys.

Sarah’s background encompasses succession planning, development planning, strategic workforce planning, organizing team building workshops and facilitating assessments such as Strengths Finder and Myers -Briggs.

Sarah gives actionable advice for the Job Seeker looking to make their next move – and the Hiring Leader who is struggling to lead their team effectively or find their next hire.

Hiring Leaders- You must listen in to learn the ‘5 Finger Punch’ tip that Sarah shares- – this approach to coaching and mentoring is a GAME CHANGER and something I will be adopting into my own career coaching sessions.

This episode has it all. Thank you Sarah for motivating us to be our best advocate. Cheers to you and the phenomenal work you are doing in the Talent industry.

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Cheers 🍷

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