One Year Later: Full Circle Moment


A FB memory popped up today, bringing a memory forefront. A memory that was pivotal in my entrepreneurship journey.

Sharing in hopes of spreading a dose of motivation to someone that is in need.

I”ll link the podcast episode and offers as well in the comments!

My all-time, ABSOLUTE favorite, FULL CIRCLE moment.

Thank you John Lee Dumas for making my dreams come true
Last year I launched my ROCK BOTTOM pricing for Job Seekers & Hiring Leaders in celebration of my podcast episode on

Sharing the same offers TODAY❗

There is an astonishing number of people who are disengaged in their career. Maybe you feel underpaid or undervalued.

I’ve been there. Believe me, I’ve been there.

When I had those feelings of disengagement in my corporate gig years ago – I turned to for inspiration. I listened to the podcast and drew motivation from every episode, from every guest while I was on my journey of self-discovery.

Last year, when I was invited to be a guest on John Lee Dumas’ podcast – – it was a FULL CIRCLE moment.


This is the same podcast I turned to for inspiration years ago when I was working at Target Corp, looking for my way out.

Feeling grateful I was able to share nuggets of information to pay it forward – to motivate listeners who feel disengaged or unhappy in their career. To help them take control of their happiness and give tools to guide them along the way.

🌟Take advantage of my rock bottom offers here:

🌟🌟Listen to the episode here:

Keep following your dreams,


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