Mastering The Art of Negotiation + Cosmos

This week we are serving up a new episode featuring Ruzana Glaeser, a Sourcing Professional, Negotiation Expert, Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of BrightMeetsBrave.com.

Ruzana breaks down the process of negotiation and gives insider tips on how to ask for what you want! 👊

The employment market is ever-changing, but one thing that remains true is that you should be equipped with the skills to negotiate and ask for what you want.    This holds true whether the employment rate is at an ultimate high, or low. Know your worth!

Ruzana clears the noise and discusses how to quantify what you bring to the table, the importance of laying out expectations, how listening impacts the process and moreover, how to get the courage to start a negotiation in the first place.

Honored to have Ruzana as a guest to share her wealth of knowledge – if you have a job, or are on the hunt for a new job, this episode is for you!

Visit www.careersandcocktails.com for more info about negotiations, Ruzana, and our delicious cocktail!


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