Level Up + Jamo Ginger

Can you believe it has taken me until NOW to try Jameson Irish Whiskey❓ A little late to the party I’d say  – – BUT… just in time for the release of SEASON 2 of Careers & Cocktails❗😁

In today’s episode, we are LEVELING UP with Heather Westmoreland, a Medium, Healer & Transformation Coach!  Heather Westmoreland gives us all the magic in this episode!  🌠

If you are feeling ‘stuck’ in a pattern, feeling undervalued, suffering from negative self-talk – – or looking to hone in on a specific skill set- – (all far too common occurrences in today’s wild world) this episode covers it all and gives you the boost you need to LEVEL UP in your life!!

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The nuggets of information in this episode are TOO GOOD to keep to yourself.

To learn more about Heather and her incredible work – visit: https://heatherwestmoreland.com/ 

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