Gaining Credibility + Whiskey Sour

My guest this week is Lexie Janson and she is joining us via Zoom all the way from her home in Germany! [the power of technology]

Lexie is programmer, web developer, photographer, videographer and a drone racing pilot.  A woman of many trades, her motto is, “I can, I will, Watch me!”.

I was fortunate enough to meet Lexie on a European trip I took last year.  Both Tesla owners, we are in similar meet up groups on Facebook – and a mutual connection introduced us.

Lexie, the kind spirit she is, offered to pick myself and two girls up where we were staying and drive us to the local meet-up in her area.  [the power of networking]  The more I learned about Lexie – the more I was blown away!  She shared that the things she was doing at the time – did not exist when she was going to school – or they more recently emerged while she was attending university.

Lexie began attending university in pursuit of a career in engineering, but during her last year she was told by a professor that the future of work in that field is not necessarily bright, and therefore – she redirected her attention towards programming.  Lexie went through every single free and recommended course available and soon landed a well paid remote job in programming.

She describes that as “where the magic started”.  Lexie became a public speaker for women in STEM and programming, later followed by women in drones.   This enabled her the opportunity to  pursue her other hobby – which was connected with videography, photography and drones.   Nowadays Lexie is the owner of social media platforms connected with @maionhigh, a drone racing pilot travelling the world and a content creator. Having fun with life and grabbing every opportunity.

A true trailblazer of her time, Lexie reminds us to embrace our individuality and lean on others for support.  She continues to empower other women through her speaking engagements and through her incredible work in male populated industries.    As Lexie so graciously says, “Be brave enough to suck at something new”!

Cheers,  Renee

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