Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously + Summer Shandy

When asked, “What would you tell your 20 year old self?” Aaron’s response was, “Take a Risk- Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.”

Cheers to that Aaron!🍻

That is advice that is relevant to everyone no matter their age.

Aaron Soule, owner of Three Rivers Consulting joins me in the studio for a Summer Shandy.

With a background in finance and accounting, Aaron debunks the nerdy stereotype often affiliated with those fields and shares his journey of going after his MBA and later owing his own consulting business.

We chat about knowing when the time is right to start a business – – the feelings involved and the grit it takes to build from the ground up.

Are you racking your brain to think of a million dollar idea or supreme product? Your experience and tenacity may be what it takes to launch a successful business.



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