Death In Recruiting

I’m on a mission to elevate how you work with recruiters going forward. Whether it’s internal recruiter at your company or agency recruiter. Here are the things you should know.

They say agency recruiters go to corporate to die. They don’t really die, they just lose their edge. They may not cold call passive candidates or do much out-reach because they are now getting a cushy salary.

In the past at an agency, their livelihood depended on cold calling and aggressively going after passive candidates because they were earning a salary…probably barely enough to pay their bills even with their commission check.

They rely on the commission to live.

These companies may actually have people who readily apply to their jobs because they have a strong employment brand. Are they the best applicants in the marketplace? Probably not!

People who are looking for a job are either running from something they cannot adapt to or they cannot handle situations they are experiencing.

I recruited at Target Corporation for 7 years and I still created a recruiting strategy, cold called candidates at work, emailed people at work, sent them messages on FB, Twitter, and did this multiple times over and over until they would talk to me.

When I was representing Target I had 90% of my outreach calls and emails returned. What an incredible combination:

  1. Great employment brand
  2. Wonderful career opportunity
  3. Urgent way to hire with more quality

Now every company is not as recognizable as Target…. but no matter how big or small, I’m here to tell you that no one should be settling for the old ‘post & pray’ method. Creating a recruiting strategy and persistently going after the passive candidate pool is the key to attracting quality talent to your organization!

Would love to share more tips and tricks I’ve learned along my 17 year recruiting journey.

I’m here to simply help and share my passion of recruiting with you!

Better yet – I guarantee you will walk away with a new tactic you can utilize today or share with your HR team.

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