Corporate America To Co-Owner + Raspberry Tea

This week we are enjoying a cup of hot raspberry tea and chatting with Tessi Russel, Co-Owner of Healthy Solutions.

Tessi radiates positivity and is from the esteemed group of ‘Former Targeteers’ so it was no surprise we hit it off when first passing in our office building downtown Hudson.

I had the chance to sit down and learn about Tessi’s retail background, leadership experience and how she has seamlessly transitioned into her role as Co-Owner of Healthy Solutions, a CBD wellness store.

Tessi’s Target background and passion for wellness is proving to be the perfect match as Healthy Solutions expands their business and educational opportunities related to the powerful benefits of CBD.

Cheers to you Tessi, cheers to our fellow entrepreneurs, and cheers to the trailblazers, paving the way 🥂


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