A Great MN Whiskey With A Great MN Story + Brother Justus

Whiskey lovers, this is for you!

My dear friend Jodi Mayers who was featured on a previous episode (watch that HERE), introduced me to her favorite whiskey, Brother Justus. From that point on, I fell back in love with whiskey… it is honestly the BEST whiskey I’ve ever had.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Phil Steger, the Founder of Brother Justus Whiskey Company accepted my invitation to join me in the studio.

*The power of networking*

Phil’s background encompasses experience that ranges from working as a lawyer, community organizer, carpenter, manuscript scholar, CEO of a peace organization, and the Founder and CEO of Brother Justus Whiskey Company.


In this episode, Phil shares the deep rooted history of moonshining in Minnesota during Prohibition and how one monk in particular, Brother Justus, made an incredible impact on local farmers who turned to moonshining out of necessity.

This is a great Minnesota Whiskey with a great Minnesota story that you don’t want to miss!

Tune in to learn more about the incredible history behind Brother Justus and takeaway several cocktails you can make with a few simple ingredients you have at home.



Learn more about Brother Justus, career related tips and so much more by visiting www.careersandcocktails.com

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