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These candidates have made significant contributions to their companies are are ready for their next challenge. 

Transportation Leaders

☑️Driven Leader

Holds MBA.  Been at the same company for 12 years and promoted 5 times! She has over 15 years of transportation experience including 3 years direct with small parcel.  She is accountable for shipping 7M packages per year between 12 providers.  Their client base is 90% residential, ship direct to customer.  Negotiated a $15M dollar contract with FedEx that resulted in $1M savings per year.  Her largest budget is $80M and she’s led 10 direct reports with cross functional leadership responsibilities to 3 others.  She is a fair leader, who is collaborative and supportive. She is interested in working for a company with integrity where she can add value.

☑️Turn-Around Expert

Negotiated a contract will save his company $9M in total for FY2019 – FY2021.  Volume of parcels: 5M packages, 4M are small parcel and their average shipping costs including surcharges is $4.99 each.  The largest budget he has managed was $57M and his largest team consisted of 1 General Manager, 6 Operations Managers, 20 supervisors with up to 1,000 seasonal employees.  He is a situational manager and knows from his employees 360 degree feedback that they appreciate his support and how he views each situation individually. He wants to step into a company fix the issues and make an immediate impact.

☑️Dynamic Leader

Over 13 years experience of transportation experience. Her skill set includes contract negotiations, reducing orders split, improving product allocation and leveraging existing freight.  By building strong relationships with carriers she has helped her companies save 10-18% in shipping costs.  The largest daily volume she has oversaw was 25,000-30,000 packages. Her largest budget was 50 million and the team consisted of 8 direct reports with 70-100 indirect reports depending on season.  A skilled leader she likes to build trust within her team helping them to grow and expand their knowledge without being a micromanager. Looking to join a great company where she can really make a difference and gain a sense of achievement!

☑️Collaborative Leader

Over 20 years experience in transportation. Negotiated contract saving $5M over the next 36 months. He has experience shipping direct to customer with some institutional customers and market places. Largest budget managed $135M.  He has led teams with 13 direct, 46 dotted line and 650 indirect reports.  His team would say he is a collaborative leader believing that the team as a whole drives a better solution than an individual. He wants to work in a positive company in a challenging role!

☑️Strategic Leader

Holds an MBA. Nearly 20 years of transportation experience. Small parcel is a huge part of his organization with everyone involved with shipping from B2C, some businesses and retail stores. His largest budget was 160M. Largest team contained 6 direct reports, 1 dotted line and 9 indirect reports.  He has received feedback from his team regarding his leadership style as communicative, understanding and mentorship. He wants to join a great company with strategic direction and a great culture!

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