Do You Trust Your Recruiter?

Finding talent requires talent. Does your Recruiter have it?


Gaps in a company are created by a lack of adequate talent within their positions. This is where Hiring Leaders must strive to fill those gaps by searching for the right talent.

While Hiring Leaders have hundreds of tasks on their plates, they look to Recruiters to find that talent they’re looking for.  But how do they know if their Recruiter is capable of delivering?

Some of the common mistakes other Recruiters make are….


They don’t create a customized recruiting plan


They don’t consistently update the Hiring Leaders


They don’t have corporate experience


They limit their search to candidates who are LOOKING for a new position


When you begin to feel as though your team is not meeting talent expectations, this is your sign to involve a Recruiter. A Recruiter’s job is to close those gaps within your company and hire candidates that are already excelling in their current role.

With that being said, Recruiters can be a dime a dozen. So, how do you know if you can trust TalentQ amongst all others to close your gaps? If you redirect your focus back to the list of common mistakes of others, TalentQ has pivoted them to make them the strengths we’re known for.

Written statements are difficult to envision in a process. Let’s explore them visually by creating a customized recruiting plan for your company today with our Founder, Renee Frey.

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